Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retired... or Just Hiatus?

Well, today marks a unique occasion for the Random Blogs of Geekery family... this blog has to go into retirement, or perhaps just a lengthy hiatus.

I've enjoyed sharing all these photos of Creature items pulled from eBay auctions for the last eight and a half months or so, but I think I've already been posting some stuff more than once!

If I somehow come across additional Creature-related item photos, then we'll come out of hiatus, but I'm guessing this will just be finis for this blog!

Will I start another blog next month to take this one's place in the rotation? Maybe, maybe not... I'm writing this post back in October of 2009, so anything can happen!

Thanks for joining me here, and if you're new to the blog, please check out the archives!



  1. Thanks for all the great posts! Have enjoyed them all.

  2. It was a fun ride! Happy Creech Collecting!

  3. There'll be a temporary return to posting in August, I believe... hope you'll both join me then!

  4. I for one am VERY glad you've posted the last couple of posts!!! Great stuff that I'd not seen before. I hope you can keep this blog going, as it was always one of my favorites (my non-commenting notwithstanding). Gill Man is my favorite UNI monster and this has been a very handsome, well designed and fun blog. Don't retire, just take it as slow as you need to, to stay around.

  5. Rogue, thanks... I hope you've been enjoying the new posts as they've been coming up before I close down shop here for good (well, the archives will remain, naturally).