Saturday, December 12, 2009

Revenge of the Creature/Cult of the Cobra Double-Bill Pressbook!


One of the sad things about print advertising going all digital these days (what print advertising there is anymore, especially for newspapers, which are quickly becoming extinct... but I digress) is that there are no more pressbooks... I only own one pressbook for any movie, and it's not a Creature feature, so it won't be posted here! (However, if I ever start a Planet of the Apes blog...)


  1. Part of the reason we don't have great press books is film studios do all the commercials now, where in the past it was up to the local theater owners to promote the movies. As a teen my dad was the assistant manager of a small theater and he had to place all the print ads for 'Godzilla' and the Creature films (those are the ones he remembers). When I was an assistant manager in the 1990's we never did any adverstising at all, dang it.

  2. You're right, but as I said, it's mainly due to it going all digital these days... the newspapers get PDF files directly from larger advertising groups, so no more physical ads exist!